Thursday, February 23, 2012

Steal Of The Day... More like DIY...

Before I started with my own blog, I used to spend hours checking out other blogs (I still do).  I was either looking to get inspired (outfit-wise) or just because I am a very nosey and like to see how other people live their lives.  If I could follow random people around and just listen to them without them knowing I was there I would...(Not in a stalker-like way)  Just like a reality show of normal people listening to their daily lives convos etc... (Embarrassed as I type this)

Back to the real subject....
One of my most absolute favorite blogger is Maegan from Love Maegan.  That's where my inspiration came from for this DIY post.  Her Dramatic Dazzling Danglers Earring DIY Inspiration post has the Earrings from above.  Check out the rest of her choices if you want a different inspirational DIY earring.

My first idea was to re-create the earrings with the turquoise and orange (great color combo) but then it felt more of a copy-cat than true inspiration.  So I started from scratch...

What I used:

Wire cutters
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
2-Earring hooks
2-Strands of 9" wire (26 gauge permanently colored copper wire)-stringing type
2- Jump rings
20- Bead spacers (I used silver plated twisted ones)
4- Mint green Pearls (faux)
4-Regular silver Daisy bead spacers
6-Wire covered 10mm purple beads (3 for each earring)

Step by Step

 Get your 3 beads of choice-(if you can't find similar ones to these, use what you have/find. Depending on the size of what you have then decide how many to use)

Step 1- I used head pins and wire wrapped a loop on all wire covered beads. Before closing the loop to the last bead (third one) I inserted the other two and then closed the loop (that way they are all connected)

Step 2- Grab your piece of wire fold it evenly in half. Add the beads from step 1. Add the daisy spacer beads (1 on each side) Same goes with 2 of the silver spacer beads. Add the pearls.  

Step 3- Insert 4 bead spacers on each strand of wire and close with a loop. (I like to wire-wrap mine)

Step 4- Add the jumpring (first insert two loops you made then add the earring hook)

Do the same for the second one

& Your DONE!!!

I would love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for Visiting!!! 

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